40 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Payments

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Interesting facts about celebrities go way beyond the stories of their net worth and how they became famous. Sometimes, it’s also about the payments they make to their exes for child support. Sometimes, they make these payments for over a decade. So, to know more about these celebrities’ shenanigans, keep reading.

Halle Berry

The talented actress ensures her son Maceo is well taken care of by sending $8,000 every month to her ex-husband, Olivier Martinez. But hold on, there’s a twist to this tale! If Halle’s earnings go beyond $2 million, Olivier gets an extra 4.3% cut.

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The generous check covers everything from Maceo’s school uniforms, exciting extracurricular activities, and private school tuition. We all want to take care of our kids, but this is quite an exorbitant cost for one little human.

Brendan Fraser

The Mummy actor Brendan Fraser has been locked in an ongoing battle with his ex-wife, Afton Smith. The plot thickens as Brendan, who shares three children with Afton, namely Leland, Holden, and Griffin, spends a jaw-dropping $75,000 a month for child support.

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Brendan took a trip to the courtroom, hoping to lower such a monthly sum, but it seems the legal feud didn’t quite turn out in his favor.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, the singing sensation, finds herself in a rare spot as she’s the one writing the child support checks after parting ways with Brandon Blackstock. To the tune of $45,601 per month, she’s ensuring her two adorable kids, River Rose and Remington Alexander, are well taken care of.

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In an interview, she made it crystal clear that her children are her top priority. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, an Instagram post featuring her kids, arms wrapped around each other, melted hearts everywhere. Plus, she’s been cutting some serious spousal support checks, providing a whopping $1,326,161 until January 2024.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has two ex-wives in his intriguing life post-divorce. It’s a drama that’s been playing out for nearly a decade now. Every month, he was spending $55,000 on Mueller and Richards for child support.

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Also, if his annual income from all sources crosses the $2.1 million mark in any given year, he’s obliged to share 9.5% of that sum with both of his former loves. However, as of 2021, Sheen no longer needs to make those child support payments.